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Rent to Own Program
Close up of the strings and fine tuners on a violin

Looking to rent an instrument for your child or yourself? Our music instrument rental program is designed to make it as easy as possible to introduce you to instrumental music. We rent new and used instruments at affordable rates.

All of the instruments we offer are quality, well known, brand name instruments in perfect playing condition so that the student can get off to a good start.

Our Pricing:

Clarinet: $25 (Used) / $35 (New)

Flute: $25 (Used) / $35 (New)

Alto Saxophone: $65 (Used) / $75 (New)

Tenor Saxophone: $80 (Used) / $90 (New)

Trombone: $35 (Used) / $45 (New)

Trumpet: $35 (Used) / $45 (New)

Violin: $25 (Used) / $35 (New)

3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar: $20 (Used) / $25 (New)

3/4 Size Electric Guitar w/ Amp: $25 (Used) / $30 (New)

Full Size Acoustic Guitar: $20 (Used) / $25 (New)

Full Size Electric Guitar w/ Amp: $25 (Used) / $30 (New)

Bass Guitar w/ Amp: $30 (Used) / $35 (New)

Our Policies:

  • Two-Month minimum rental period on used instruments.

  • Three-Month minimum rental period on new instruments.

  • First month’s rent & security deposit required at time of rental.

  • Security deposit is equal to one month’s rent.

  • Renter must be at least 21 years of age with a California ID and major credit card (Debit Cards not accepted).

  • Rental fees are automatically charged at the beginning of each rental cycle.

  • All rental payments can be applied towards the MSRP of the instrument.

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All monthly prices are before tax.

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