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Grayson’s Tune
Town was founded
in 1953

Grayson’s Tune Town is a family-owned historic music store founded in 1953, in Montrose, California. Val Grayson originally opened the shop selling records but later moved to selling fine instruments. Val’s excellent customer service is what set Grayson’s apart from the competition early on and his business morals are very much alive in the shop today.

Our collection of instruments primarily focuses on guitars from the biggest names in the industry including Fender, Gibson, Martin, Taylor, Gretsch, and more. Orchestra instruments alongside a folk & ukulele selection accompany our wide guitar selection. Lastly, our boutique pedal selection is one of the finest in all of Los Angeles!

Instruments aren’t all we focus on though - Grayson’s lesson program is the longest standing in Crescenta Valley. We believe in tailoring our lessons to each student’s needs so that every student can feel empowered to reach their full musical potential.

Last but certainly not least, Grayson's has become a bright spot in fretted instrument repair. Professional Setups, Pickup Installations, and more draw the Los Angeles community to our store for quality instrument repair. Our staff focuses on exceptional quality while maintaining a quick turnaround time so that you have the instrument you need by showtime!